Frequently Asked Questions

Gamesleon is a leading game publisher focusing on desktop and mobile games. Gamesleon is the destination for players seeking online browser games looking to reach a wider audience.

For example, a lifetime exclusive multiplayer game, with high scores, cloud saves, and the game snapshot feature will give 50% (in-game ads) and 70% (page ads).

We recommend that you upload to Gamesleon as well, so the game will have a greater distribution and a greater chance for maximizing income. However, if the game has already been released on other websites, it is not eligible for the exclusivity bonus.

Yes, of course! Please feel free to upload your game to any other portal you want, just bear in mind that you will lose the exclusivity bonus if it is already in place.

Yes, of course. Contact us and we will, with regret, disable the game from the partnership program.

Payments are sent via wire transfer or PayPal upon a PDF invoice presented by the developer. Payments are made monthly, although if necessary, we can release payments weekly. The minimum payment for PayPal is $100,and $500 for bank transfers.

Gamesleon reserves the right to reject any game that doesn’t meet our expected quality, that contains copyrighted content, cloned content, any violent, hateful, or any other form of offensive content.

Regardless of the type of partnership, a contract must be signed between Gamesleon (as publisher) and You (as game provider). Games with more than 70% similarity of assets are not eligible for an exclusivity bonus. In the event of the partnership being terminated or a game being removed from the Gamesleon network, we will provide two months transition time during which the game will still be available for viewing, but will not generate ad revenue share.

You can simply refresh your browser if the game is not loading, if you face the same problem again and then you can delete your browser cookies and after that the game will load easily.

To continue enjoying our games you need to disable your ad blocker. You can disable it from the extension menu of your browser.

To save your score, you will need to create a Gamesleon profile. To get started go to register page and register yourself via Email, Facebook or Gmail accounts. Once you register and confirm your account you are ready to create your profile accordingly.

You can simply login to the Gamesleon website and then go to the profile section. Under profile you can change your name which will change your screen name.

When you play the game on Gamesleon website you get the option to increase, decrease or mute the sound and music of the game. You just go to the menu of the game where you will find all the sound related buttons.

This issue could be related to your internet speed. So please check your internet speed at If your connection speed less than 2 mbps, we recommend you to contact your internet service provider and increase your connection speed at least 5mbps to play smoothly at

To enjoy our games on your desktop computer or mobile device, please check the list of minimum and recommended system requirements for your operating system and web browser. Minimum System Requirements: Desktop Operating System (OS): • Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 • macOS High Sierra (v10.13) Desktop browsers: • Chrome 84 • Firefox 81 • Edge 84 • Safari 12 Mobile devices Operating System (OS): • IOS 6+ • Android 5+ Mobile devices browsers: • Chrome 84 • Safari 12 Recommended System Requirements: Desktop Operating System (OS): • Windows 10 • macOS: Catalina (10.15) / Big Sur (11.2) Desktop browsers: • Chrome 88 • Firefox 85 • Edge 88 • Safari 13/14 Mobile devices Operating System (OS): • IOS 6+ • Android 5+ Mobile devices browsers: • Chrome 88 • Safari 13/14

No, you can not download your favorite game. Our games are available to play online for free without any download and installs required. You can bookmark your favorite games only by pressing Ctrl+D to play in future.

No, right now this facility is not available. But in future we are planning to launch an ad-free subscription experience to the website.

For future referenced you can simply press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page.

Gamesleon understand your privacy concerns. You can simply mail us at [email protected] with any question and concern regarding data collection. We will be happy to serve you in a better way.

Most games have their own Options Menu where you can learn more about the game. The menu button will usually be located in the top-right or top-left corner of the game. Look for the “hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) or a pause icon (two vertical lines that are next to each other.) Open this menu and select the help button to see game rules and helpful tips.