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Game Controls
    *WASD* - Move Kity *mouse* - Rotate camera *space* - Jump / Use Inventory item *shift* - Change mode (Exploration / Construction) *p* - Photo Mode *leftclick* - Use inventory item / Take Photo Scroll Mouse Wheel - Navigate Inventory (Up/Down)

Kity Builder (Prototype)


Game Details

IMPORTANT: If your cursor isn't confined in the game, try clicking outside the game frame and then clicking again inside it. Are you ready to go to a dreamlike island? Kity needs your help to build a big city! They lost the blueprints and needs to find them to start making all the new city buildings. Explore the island and customize the city as you wish! This is the prototype of the full version you can wishlist here! Credits Made by Sambero, irx99, Yeray Toledano Music by Groovel Studio

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